MYC, a universal control system

A MYC system has skins und funcs (a three other components).

Skin is a user interface, which can be selected and modified by the user (or a remote control or a simple switch).

Func is a sensor, controllable equipment or a programm(function).

Skin + Func = App (or sothing similar)

The connection between skin and func is done by the (OSI Layer 7) MYC protocol.
The other OSI layers (the method of data transfer) is not defined.

MYC is not ready. If you like to contribute (on GPL level) please contact me via email (see impressum).

The actual documentation:

Introduction (german) published in cqDL

or in english

Lecture at FSW2015 (german)

Definitions text format or pdf

more details text format or pdf

commands text format or pdf

reserved token text format or pdf

rules Text Format or pdf

commandrouter text format or pdf

This is the commandrouter Python programmm (not ready)

rules device text format or pdf

skin text format or Skin

Logic-device text format or Text format or PDF

Webserver Text format orr PDF

the programm htdocs... not ready!

files for the webserver

For the description of the hardware see hardware projects (left)

The hardware can be used without a MYC Systems as well.
They can be controlled via I2C / RS232 / USB (depending on the device) directly by MYC commands.