I have collected some of my old computer and radio eqipment. Unfortunately some parts are lost, given away or put to the bin, but some are still existing and some are working.

This list is still in work.

This is my first calculator handheld

It is a HP 45 Clone from Corvus. It bought it in December 1975 for DM ??.
It contains one PMOS Chip only and is still functioning.

My first computer was a TRS80. I bought it in 1982 or 83 with 4kByte of RAM without Floppy Disk.
After one week of frustrating reading and writing data to a casette tape I bought 2 320KByte5 1/4" Floppy Disk drives, wich I later replaced with the first available 3.5" drives.

Next one was a apple clone apple

I sold the GALs, so it does not work anymore. The Computer is completely build with CMOS devices (including the Processor 6502 except the GALs). It was not easy, to buy the 74HCxx devices. The Power cosumption of the board was less then 5 Watt.
This board never had an enclosure
It was fun to build this computer, so as an original apple board; but I did not used these computers too much.

The next one was a HP 9845C with an excellent color graphic. (Never seen this quality later).
It had 3MByte of RAM and for most of the time 2 Floppy Drives only.
I learnt to programm (structured!!) Basic. and have written a packet radio control/mailbox programm with more than 10K Lines. To load the system and the Programm I needed 5 320kB Disks!
After long search I got a 5Mbyte harddisk with the necessary HPIB controller.

I put them into a Box 5MB disk
5MB disk2

but few month later, when calculating "Apfelmaennchen", the display showed some vertical green lines. During next boot the graphic test failed and never came up again.

At that time the 80286 PC came up.
DJ6OP, Peter, ordered 1/2 a dozen 6MHz PC, one for me80286

We had a 30MB and later a 80MB Hard disk 80MB disk

The enclosure is lost, but I still have some of the interface cards.

This was my first (300Baud) Modem 300Bd modem

This was (not the next) one with 1400 Baud14000 modem

and this the ISDN modem ISDN modem

I bought my first Laptop in Singapore and later a Paccom laptop

It is a Bondwell 80186 B200 Laptop with B/W display. No display anymore.

Some other stuff:

In my company in the mid 90s the DEC ULtrix Computers were replaced by Sun machines.
I saved some of the subbords, which looked interestingDEC parts

At 1980 about TI tried to sell bubble momories as an alternative to serial MOS memories. I got one board of a commercial (Nixdorf ?) computer, which was outphased in 1985 about.

At my job I learnt very early the problems of data backup. Backup is not only a matter of reading the media, but also to read the format.
I had a DX80 tape tape
and later an EXAbyte tape, but I used it as backup only, not as a long time storage.
Now DVD Rom are too small and I use harddisks without compression and without usage of any special software. To do this and checking them once a year, I use some very simple perl scripts.
And I store the data using very few formats only