Documentation of some hardware projekte (german)

Board for the MYC projekt:

The board can be use without a complete MYC system as well.
The can be controlled by I2C / RS232 / USB (depending on the device) by MYC commands.

i2c rs232 Interface The master can be used for testing a MYC systemen without commandrouter,

the slave can be used as a simple serial - I2C converter.

DTMF sender a DTMF sender

DTMF receiver. both can be used as simple ASCII - DTMF / DTMF - ASCII coverter.

DTMF Transceiver uses the MT8880 chip

RBC Interface example for the extension of the DTMF senders for including the MFJ RBC (TM) Interface for radio control.

Infrared sender

control a TV A application of the infrared sender.

Infrared receiver.

control for a Create Rotator

Relaisboard with digital and analog inputs

FS20 sender and receiver interface A FS20 system can be included.

Textdisplay for 16x2 or 20x2 charcter

Morse control somehow exotic.

speech output using ELV modul MSM2 An example, how a system can be intgrated in the MYC system with minor effort

DCF77 Realtime clock another example>/p>

climatic sensor for temperature, humidity and pressure using the Sparkfun Modul (TM), with uses the BM280 sensor.

Elektronic load for DC


IC7000 / 7300 interface, atv control, audio / video crosspoint, FA 1kW matchboxr, homematic control

Other projekte:


Infrared tTester