My radio equipment

I use the following equipment at my 1st QTH:

  • IC7000 for shortwave and VHF
  • IC1271 for 23cm with TV option
  • IC7300 for shortwave
  • FT897 for shortwave

and at my 2nd QTH

  • Flex6500 for shortwave
  • IC9700 for VHF
  • IC1200 with DG0VE PA (60W)
  • 13cm Upconverter for QO100

and during holiday in EA8:

  • 2m / 70cm portable
  • IC705
  • SPE PA 1.3kW

My antennas in Reutlingen:

  • Dipol 40m / 80m Kelemen
  • Vertikal ntenna for 20 to 10m with automatic Matchbox
  • 2m 5 Element Yagi
  • X5000 vertikal antenna forr 2m, 70cm and 23cm
  • 23cm and 13cm antenna for ATV

in Edingen:

  • Vertikal antenna and a Zepp Antenna each with automatic matchbox forshortwave
  • X5000 vertikal antenne for 2m, 70cm and 23cm

A Quadelement, Outbacker and some wireantennas for holiday.

I work with RTTY, PSK31 etc, analog and digital SSTV; digital voice on shortwave. I use a laptop with windows or linux.

I have a DATV station as well: RX is Minitiouner.

For digital SSTV I use Easypal.

My logbook programm is swisslog.

A picture of the shack in Reutlingen: Station

and a picture of Edingen: Station_Edingen1

and a second one: Station_edingen2